Talking Photos; a chat with Splore



To say that millennials speak in pictures would be an understatement. For many of us, the photograph is another language; it allows us to say a lot while not really saying anything at all. So it isn’t surprising that every social media site comes with a slew of selfies, artistic shots and food images. But the archetypical social media site is strapped to followers; whether or not anyone will appreciate your photography skills depends on if you’re famous to begin with. Enter, Splore. An interactive app that turns the social media strategy on its head; where you follow hashtags instead of people. According to the guys behind the app, they wanted a product that could get aspiring photographers the reach that they were unable to get when they were ‘shackled’ to followers. And reach they have gotten; just a short while since its launch the app has an excellent rating and a myriad of followers. As a team brimming with young energy they understand that turning sharing into a popularity contest is the most frustrating bit about the internet, and they want to change it. Given the budding early success, we’d say their off to a great start. (Watch the video for the interview)

(images and content courtesy Splore)

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