2017; Our Year in Moments

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Wow. I would say that this has been a year like any other. But that isn’t really true. 2017 had its ups and downs, but their frequency and depth made the year stand out. And while I agree that end-of-the-year lists are incredibly trite, I couldn’t not write anything.

This, in no particular order, is a rundown of what happened to us here at The Kollective this year.


  1. When 2017 Became the Year of Gohar Rasheed

It hasn’t been that long since the film released, so I’m sure that many of you are still buzzing with Mr. Rasheed’s performance in Rangreza. But really, the mania started when the trailer was released. I was onboard that ship; in fact, I refuse to get down.

From Rangreza’s official trailer

It is so great to see someone as talented as Mr. Rasheed finally get his deserved appreciation.



  1. When Aaroh Showed Us Some Love (And I Melted)

Some time ago, our Isfandyar wrote a piece about band culture in Pakistan, and whether 2017 would be the year when it made a comeback. Amongst the legendary acts mentioned, the name Aaroh had to be included.

The post is a really great read, so I was expecting our readers to like it. What I wasn’t expecting was that the band itself would share it.

I don’t think I will get over this. It happened some days ago and I still feel delicate.


  1. When Mahira Khan Liked Us (She Really Liked Us)

The year has been quite intense for the country’s premier leading lady. From finding herself at the apex of double standards to championing the year’s most talked about film, Ms. Khan was everywhere.

So the last thing I was expecting her to do was read what we wrote about her. Or share it.


This will always be the year when I was well and truly star struck.


  1. When Parchi Promised Us a Comedy That Was Actually Funny

No, this hasn’t been the best year for comedy (we will get to that later). But when a rose blooms in a barren land, the charm is amplified. Such is the case with Parchi.

Just when all humorous hope seemed lost, in walked a rag-tag band of genuinely loveable misfits.

From Parchi’s official trailer

Dragging in jokes that actually worked behind them. Pakistani comedic films have been given a fighting chance.


  1. When Pakistani Rap Had its Moment (Finally)

We have all heard the song. We have all accepted it as the youth anthem of the year. I have also rejoiced at the newfound hype that has made its way towards Xpolymer Dar. I’m so happy for him, I am so happy for the movement; I’m just really happy.


  1. When Chain Aye Na was so Bad it was Actually Good

I mean, how could I recount the year and not mention this infamous little number? And no, this wasn’t a sign of impending gloom. It was just proof that what worked in the 90s doesn’t anymore.

For me, this was also a reminder of how funny the unintentionally funny can be.

‘Can I kiss?’ Indeed, you can.


  1. When Indie Cinema Had its Moment

Offering up a counter-narrative to the glitz and glamour, and providing a training ground for independent talent. This was indie cinema in 2017. Some remarkable projects, some well deserved accomplishments, some leeway for those who dare to dissent.


  1. When The Battle of the Giants Entered the Musical Arena 

The battle of the soda giants is not limited to Pakistan. But, it did give us a fitting battle between the musical reality shows. What it also gave us was a chance for our resident savage Nusair Teli to truly rip into a viral phenomenon.


  1. When The Internet Lost Its Mind (Again and Again) 

The internet’s craziness never disappoints (sarcasm). Be it the guardians of ghairat and their obsession with Mahira Khan, the national emergence that was Armeena Khan’s fiancé or the Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Saga.

Judge Judy Facepalm Gif By Agent M Loves Gif - Find & Share on GIPHY

The steaming hot bovine feces was never in short supply.


  1. When Some Jokes Weren’t Funny Anymore

Now, simmer down. I have already mentioned that local comedic cinema is safe thanks to a certain film. That being said, how can I not end on a bitter-sweet note? Oh how close we came to the comedy abyss. Be it the trite feudal stereotype or the clichéd ‘romantic comedies’ we almost lost the genre. Almost.


So there you have it. These are the moments that made up our year. I hope yours was filled with more good than bad and I hope the new-year brings more highs than lows for you. Happy new year!


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