Faran Kiani; Writer by passion


A lawyer by profession and writer by passion. We interviewed Faran Kiani about his book “Five Wishes And The Prophecy of The Prince” and what it means to him to be a published author.

His book which was published by Beyond Sanity Publishing has given him a platform to take his passion to a new level. Indeed the team at Beyond Sanity is providing many writers with opportunities they didn’t have before.

Five Wishes is a sing along fantasy novel. It revolves around a dramatic rhyming tale of five fairy sisters. Sing-along fantasy is a unique genre that Faran himself has introduced. He calls his book a POVEL, which is a merger of poem and novel, in which 40% of the dialogues consist of poetry. “It is like a book adaption of a Hollywood musical,” says Faran.


This is not Faran’s first taste of being a published author. His first novel title ‘Kiva – The Hidden Kingdom’, was published in 2013.

Five wishes has however, garnered far more attention. He is currently partaking in a nation wide tour as a part of his book launch. He is visiting schools, colleges and universities all over Pakistan. When we asked him to describe Five Wishes in one sentence he called it “a magical journey that’ll persuade you to contemplate on life and its choices.”


When speaking to him about his motivation behind entering the field of writing, Faran says “Zarurat ijaad ki Ami jaan hain” (Necessity is the mother of invention). Stating that he felt it was necessary for him to take up this passion.

He considers himself ‘lucky’ and ‘blessed’ for being a published author. Moreover, he hopes people will relate to his book. Even though its a fantasy novel, he claims, many of the book’s aspects “are the experiences which we face in our real everyday lives.”



A culture of reading

He also wants to encourage people who are not necessarily into reading to take up the habit. Quoting Abraham Lincoln he emphasizes, “When you read a book, you come to realize that all your original thoughts aren’t very original at all.”

Faran draws influences from other fantasy novel writers. From J. K. Rowling, Roald Dahl to J. R. R. Tolkien. Through the genre of fantasy and his nation wide book launch, Faran hopes to promote book reading, literature and ‘out of the box’ creativity in the youth of Pakistan. He also combines his book launch with a motivational session in which he shares his journey with the audience. He tells them how he, a boy from a small town of Rawalpindi, did something of this sort.

As a message to struggling writers, Faran has some blunt advice. “Keep banging your head against the wall until you go through the wall.” Which signals to the work and effort that goes into writing.

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