5 random things: Happy Mother’s Day


These continue to be turbulent times, and it continues to be difficult for even the most optimistic amongst us to pretend that there is much to celebrate. Still, it is never a bad time to remind ourselves to appreciate someone who has been our silent strength. Depending on where you are in the world, you have already celebrated or are celebrating mother’s day. Either way, here are five random things that’ll remind you why your mom is your hero.


1. True Empathy; Loose Talk Mother’s Day special

Some of you may remember that we released a Moin Akhtar tribute video on his death anniversary, and I mentioned that one of my favourite Moin Akhtar performances is also one of the saddest Loose Talk episodes. For a mother’s day special, he proved the extent of his talent. It is difficult to forget that this is a man impersonating a woman, despite this however this is an incredibly moving reminder of how strong we know our mothers to be.


2. Painful Reminder; Muhammad Muheisen photography

Too many celebrations are relegated to the comforting mechanics of commercialism, and a day celebrating mothers cannot be an exception. Many of us shower our loved ones with presents and feel that this should be enough to repay all that they do or have done. But images like this one remind us that mother’s day doesn’t look the same for everyone. It is worth remembering that some families do not have the luxury of celebrating mother’s day, and worth appreciating that they persevered despite this.


3. Nostalgia Remembered; Maiye Ni Maiye by Sarmad Qadeer

My love for local music has been well documented in these posts, and I wanted to mention Sarmad Qadeer. The London based singer has a wonderful take on traditional folk, and this I feel is his best work. It is melodic, earthy and modern without eclipsing its roots. This is also one of my favorite music videos, because I feel that it captures the essence of a late night journey. The set up is simple enough to let the poetry shine, without being void of character. Elegant restraint at its best.  


4. Diversity in Celebration; Abey Khao

As a global community, it is easy to overlook our privileged position for the status quo. This lovely mother’s day video by Islamabad based café is a perfect reminder that expression in any and every form should be appreciated.


5. Appreciating artisans; Khaadi #ThanksMom

Khaadi’s unique marketing strategies shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore. They’ve been leading the local fashion scene as far as online content is concerned for some time now, and their mother’s day special is no different. The combination of a catchy tune, fresh-faced singers and age-old sentiments is a winner. But while the song is lovely, I have to say that it is eclipsed by the video appreciating all mothers. My favourite shot of course showcases female artisans who don’t get enough appreciation.

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Shameless Plug

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