Sarmad Ishtiaq on bad weather & poetry


In grade five, Sarmad Ishtiaq got into a car accident accident breaking both his arms and legs. It was then that he started writing, which eventually turned into writing poetry. Today he is a published poet, with his book of poetry ‘Little Buddy’ being the latest collection published by Beyond Sanity Publishing.

We got a chance to interview Sarmad, who is a junior at Bates College and majoring in English and Philosophy. According to him he likes to read, watch movies and “avoid people as much as I can.” For Sarmad, being a published author means getting encouragement to continue his writing.

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Sarmad draws his artistic influences from the likes of Tom Waits, Charles Bukowski, John Keats, Tom Hardy and Poe and describes his book as “a song about bad weather and apologies.”

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He wants to encourage people to read his book as, “Poetry is actually easier to read than prose as it’s a combination of fractions of conversations.” For those not necessarily into reading, this should serve as advice to pick up a book of poetry and build the habit from there. “Poems are broken dialogues,” Sarmad adds further.




For Sarmad, there is not one poem that means the most to him in his book. He sees it not as a collection of poems but rather a an artistic piece that stands together, thus the impossible task of choosing one favourite.

However he does have some advice for struggling poets, stating, “Don’t write poetry if you are writing with the intention to write poetry”. To write poetry one must not take it as a task and instead simply write everything they feel.


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