5 random things; art and pushing boundaries


I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but these continue to be turbulent times. It is difficult to find much to be hopeful about, and I wish I had the wisdom to explain what will happen now. But I don’t.

That being said, I do find comfort in art. As, unlike politics, art doesn’t aim to dictate. Rather its aim is to hold a mirror up to us and reflect everything, the good, the bad and the fun. This post is just an attempt to appreciate these talented souls, who have allowed all of us a taste of their gift. I can’t thank them enough.

1. Skin Deep; Shehzil Malik Art

Shehzil Malik’s art has recently tickled the mainstream’s fancy, as she is the force behind the striking Patari Fanoos poster and art-work. But her independent projects deserve even more love. Shehzil is an amalgamation of creative prowess and strong opinions, and she usually combines both beautifully.

This print is an apt example, equal parts intellectually poignant and aesthetically pleasing it reminds us about something that we ought to have learned by now but haven’t. 

2. Embrace all shades of green; Patari Fanoos

My love for all things Patari Tabeer is well documented, and it’s safe to say that I am not the only one. And we can all rejoice in the knowledge that Tabeer was far from the end of the Patari projects.

Their Fanoos campaign aims to represent Pakistan’s ever vibrant linguistic tradition. About time I say. For too long have we been treated to myopic ideals of what the mainstream audience wants, in 2017 I think we’re all looking for a true representation of our national diversity. And if their trailer is anything to go by then we will not be disappointed.


3. Early Morning Originality; Asfandyar Junejo’s dish of choice

Oh morning shows. You guys try, you really do. But even a host as spontaneous as Anoushay Ashraf cannot take away the cringe factor when it comes to local AM television.

That being said, beat-boxer par excellence Asfandyar Junejo’s early morning shenanigans may have been the missing ingredient as far as morning shows are concerned. For his interview with Anoushay, Mr. Junejo couldn’t let the show end before he turned the traditional kitchen segment on its head.

More, I say! He needs to be on every single morning show, on every single network.

4. Trailblazer; Marria Khan Art

I am absolutely in love with where Pakistan’s visual artists are taking us. They have organised themselves, they have mobilized, and they are getting stuff done. Everyday, I get a message about someone who’s art deserves appreciation and this week is no different.

Marria Khan has gotten a lot of attention for her work, and this is my favourite one of her creations.

5. Not for the faint of heart; Zain Irfan

Another beat-boxing genius, I particularly like this one because it is inspired by one of my favourite films. Forget pushing boundaries, this young man basically decimated any boundary that dared to get in his way.

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