The school bag: Indian film about Pakistan


An Indian short film titled The School Bag is based in Pakistan, and is definitely something bound to tug at your heartstrings as you watch it. The film stars Rasika Dugal and Sartaaj Kakkar and is based around a six-year-old boy named Farooq who wants a new bag for his birthday. He threatens not go to school if he doesn’t get the bag.

A lot is left unsaid, but the image of a little boy in an emerald green school sweater is something that Pakistanis, and surely Indians as well, will identify instantly. This film deals with that tragedy, which shook the nation and then the world, and many are still struggling to cope with. 



The film has been winning accolades globally and it isn’t dramatic or over the top – instead, it is the simplicity that creates an impact. For the makers of the movie, fifteen minutes and ten seconds is all they needed to leave me teary eyed.

Powerful performances that echo the stubbornness of all children, and the silent strength of the bond between mother and son will  strike a chord with anyone who watches it.

A predictable narrative maybe, but the ending will hit you like a ton of bricks.

At a time when the animosity between us and our neighbours is reaching new heights, this beautiful film reminds us that we all hurt the same. 

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