5 Random Things: ICC Champions


So I really wanted to do a post for father’s day, but all of yesterday was spent checking for Pakistan Vs India updates because of which I couldn’t list five things for all the dads in the country. However, thanks to Rishi Kapoor (we will get to him) I realized that Pakistan’s meteoric ascension to ICC gold has a lot in common with a day dedicated to fathers. And so this post is a culmination of the two. Don’t worry though, there is little misogyny in this post, I’m letting twitter trolls handle that front. Instead, let’s just revel in this moment, appreciate the ever mercurial team and remember that some kids were lucky enough to watch their fathers become the nation’s heroes.


1.  This video of Sarfraz Ahmed reciting a naat for his son


One of the best images that emerged after the win centred around Sarfraz Ahmed and his baby boy. The championship gave us some blazing talents, but it wouldn’t be unfair to say that little Abdullah was the star of the tournament. This little video of Sarfraz reciting a naat for his baby is just the latest burst of sweetness to emerge from this perfect father-son relationship. Happy father’s day Sarfraz!



2. This no holds barred commentary

Admittedly I am not a cricket aficionado. But like all Pakistanis, I do get interested in a match if the home team is playing. A lot has changed in the world of cricket, and I suppose one glaringly obvious change is that as corporate sponsorships and big money become more of a thing, the commentary has become milder. So, we must rely on a candid video from Junaid Akram, who resonates his usual nonchalance as he takes everyone to task. This is the best thing you’ll watch all week.


3. This bout of below the belt humour

jee abbu…

A post shared by Shahzaib Hussain (@shahzaib_hussain_art) on

Roasting Rishi Kapoor will be our favourite pastime until someone else gets us going. No one can deny that. And this is a really conflicting time for me because I love Rishi Kapoor, and to be honest I think we should let the team’s performance speak for itself. That being said, I am allowing myself this one, tiny dose of low-brow humour before I let his twitter tirade go. Simply because look how good it is! Shahzaib Hussain is a quick-witted genius.


4. This Tribute

So a lot of people have been posting their versions of a tribute for the national team. Some people have painted portraits, some have dedicated songs, others have roasted Rishi Kapoor (this of course is what most of us have seen on our feeds.) But this salt painting by Amir Hussain for his page ToonMeNow takes the cake. Simple yet original, it uses a medium that very few of us have experienced and is almost as pleasantly surprising as the underdogs taking the trophy home.


5. This stuff from social media

As said, a lot of red hot rage was spewed onto the media before, during and after the match. Some people sank exceptionally low (yes Aamir Sohail, I’m looking at you) but there were also some moments of pure, unadulterated joy. Here are some of my favourite tweets.


When legends unite.

So good to see that not all former cricketers are salty.

Khalid Bajwa (of Patari) spent the best father’s day possible.


Rishi Kapoor apology.

Aw Mr. Kapoor, all is forgiven (for now.)



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