Five restaurants to visit this Eid


Ah, the Eid holidays are upon us. Ramazan is over and it’s time for family, friends and food. If you’re stuck at home during the long holidays and looking for something low-key but fun to do, take a look at five fun restaurants you can visit. Everyone likes to dress up and go to formal places, but sometimes one just needs to kick back and relax, which is exactly what you deserve after a long and hot month! All of these places offer something unique, so depending on where you are take your pick and enjoy. 


1. Pi-Social, Karachi

Pi-Social is a cafe with a twist. With a board game lounge boasting 150 different games you can choose from, Pi-social offers good food, good entertainment with good company. So if you’re in Karachi and looking for something fun to do, this is definitely worth a try.

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2. Chai Wala, Karachi

With the Karachi weather cooling down lately, there’s no better way to enjoy but to sit out on a roadside cafe and enjoy some traditional parathas and bun kebabs – which is exactly what Chai Wala offers. A pioneer in its style of “Chai cafes”, it offers a myriad of desi food and drinks with a stress free and ‘chill’ environment.


3. Sarrak pe Karrak, Lahore

A traditional food truck, Sarrak pe Karrak offers the unique dhaba experience to its customers. Bring your guitar and friends and feast on the great food that they have to offer. Definitely no better place to kickback and enjoy the beautiful city of Lahore.


4. Cafe Crossbones, Islamabad

Definitely not for the faint of heart, this horror themed cafe gets points for originality. But part from the creepy decor the Cafe Crossbones menu consists of tried and tested pastas, pizzas and sandwiches. These guys love customer interaction, so apart from a build your own pizza and sandwich station, they also have a karaoke station. Expect yummy food and a truly original experience.

5. Mirchi 360, Hyderabad

Whether you’re craving a garlic mayo roll, barbecue boti or some crispy broast, Mirchi 360 is your one stop shop in Hyderabad. Not too heavy on the pocket, the restaurant offers great dishes for a casual night out with friends or family.


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