5 things you missed because of Careem

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Oh my Careem. What the internet just happened? A rather ridiculous publicity stunt? Or the stuff of marketing legends? If you haven’t kept up with the onslaught, let me break it down. Careem, the ride sharing app, gave users the option of having a ‘rishta aunty’ accompany them en route. While they rode together (okay) the aunty would help find the passenger their soul mate.

Needless to say the nation was smitten. After the Calibri fiasco, Careem became the latest social media frenzy.

It could have been an ill-fated corporate strategy. It could have been a stroke of marketing genius. Regardless, it has certainly become an internet darling.

But, while the twitter verse explodes and rivals hijack the strategy, might I suggest that it is time to move on?

In fact, here I’ll help. Here are five things you can tweet about instead.


1. India Vs China border stand-off

About a month ago Indian troops blocked Chinese road works in Dokhlam. The area lies between India, China and Bhutan. It is also disputed territory between China and Bhutan, and India supports Bhutan’s claim over it.

For a month now there has been a stand-off between Indian and Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) troops. Media outlets in both countries have claimed that the issue could escalate. In China, the state run media even alluded to the 1965 war between the two.


2. Kuwait expels Iranian diplomats

After announcing that it would be shutting down the Iran Cultural Mission, Kuwait expelled a number of Iranian diplomats. This has been the latest act in an ever worsening relation. Kuwaiti officials claim that the decision took into account a 2015 terrorist cell, which allegedly had ties to Iran.


3. India elects new president

71-year-old Ram Nath Kovind became India’s 14th President. A lawyer by trade, he belongs to the marginalized Dalit community. He is the second Indian President since Independence to hail from the bottom of the Hindu caste system.


4. Shehroze Sabzwari addresses Chain Aye Na, again

Chain Aye Na’s trailer will continue to haunt Pakistan’s film archives. And some time ago leading man Shehroze Sabzwari addressed the backlash in a candid video.

21st July. It's a date 😘 #chainayena #RizaviTimes @razarizavi1

A post shared by Shahroz Sabzwari (@shahrozsabzwari) on

Recently, for an interview, he spoke about the trailer again. Stating, “The movies that had good trailers didn’t exactly turn out to be good movies so let’s not be disheartened.”

Okay, am I the only one who actually wants to watch this movie? Even if it is going to be a mess?


5. Pakistan’s first under-18 snooker world champion

Naseem Akhtar became world champion when he beat China’s Peifan Lei at the IBSF Wold Championship. He made history by becoming the first Pakistani to receive the honour. Recently, he arrived back in the country amidst a warm welcome.

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