The 2000s were an interesting decade. What a time to be a pre-teen shuffling between Hyderabad and Karachi, what a time to be carefree and young. What a time for Pakistani music. Albeit it couldn’t compare to the iconic 1980s and 1990s, the 2000s did leave their own mark. And Pakistani music videos released in the decade can be credited in part.

Pakistani music videos and television

Perhaps the one thing about the decade that continues to stand out is the panache for music videos. It was an interesting time when established legends and fresh up and comers crossed paths. It was also a time when the music channels were gaining traction. Indus Music has to be remembered as the unquestionable pioneer. Later replaced by MTV Pakistan, it introduced the nation to celebrity VJs and music videos.

Soon other television channels followed and offered budding talents multiple platforms to exhibit their talent. And Pakistani music videos that were released during this time prove that there was a lot of talent.

My top 5

Anyone who grew up around this time will have a list of favourites and this is mine. Definitely fueled by nostalgia, this is a list of Pakistani music videos that have stood the test of time and added something to their accompanying songs. They present the very best that the 2000s threw out.

Of course, since I am the sole author, this list is biased. There are a number of songs that I really wanted to include but really couldn’t. The first draft of this list crossed the twenty mark, and I could honestly have gone on. But I had to stop somewhere, so I decided on five. Does my list include your favourite? Did I miss a gem? Let me know in the comments.

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