Deepak Perwani: The Style Journey So Far


Pakistan’s fashion industry has made immense progress in recent times. Among designers from all over the world, Pakistani fashion designers are highly acclaimed. Local designer collections are always in high demand around the globe. The likes of Faraz Manan, Deepak Perwani, Fahad Hussayn, Tena Durrani among others, are monumental names in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Today, we’re going to discuss one of the most-acclaimed local fashion designers; Deepak Perwani.  The talented and versatile maestro is nothing short of an asset for the local fashion scene. And not just for women’s’, urban, contemporary fashion. The designer has recently become a heartthrob for men’s fashion too.

So, let’s talk about the Deepak Perwani story. This is a rundown of some of his most significant milestones so far.


Achievement in Fashion Design, Pret

At the 2010 Lux Style Awards, Deepak Perwani won the best designer award for his pret collection. While Sonya Battla put up a very tough competition with her fashion week collection. The ‘Flight of Fantasy’ collection made it really easy to award Deepak Perwani the honour.


Deepak Perwani Has Some Acting Skills As Well

The story goes that Mr. Perwani always wanted to be an actor; and he’s actually got some skills. A multi-talented person; he made his Pakistani television debut in a TV serial titled “Kadoorat”. It aired on HUM TV in 2013.


Sixth Best Fashion Designer in The World

Mr. Perwani’s namesake fashion house ‘Deepak Perwani’ was awarded the number one spot in the Middle Eastern region by Bulgarian Fashion Awards (BFA). With a total score of 7925.77, Deepak Perwani also emerged as the sixth best designer in the world.


Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Kurta

Deepak Perwani lead the creation of the world’s largest kurta. According to Perwani, “the kurta is an intrinsic symbol of Pakistani attire. And (this garment) has successfully put it on the global map. A kurta represents the essence of what we are and defines our individuality in today’s world.”

The world’s largest designer kurta was later on used to create smaller kurtas. Which were donated to children’s homes run by the renowned Edhi Foundation.

Perwani is not only contributing to the Pakistani fashion industry, but is also taking the international fashion by storm. A lasting talent, he never fails to impress his fans. And as always, we’re going to keep our eyes open for whatever he’s planning next.

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