Alishay Adnan On Work, Play and Style


Some time ago, I interviewed the ever-lovely Alishay Adnan. That post intentionally focused on her career and how she ventured into Pakistani fashion. And I’m sure that it offered some insight for anyone who wants to follow suite.

But, because it focused entirely on her work, we couldn’t really talk about the fun that goes on behind the camera. So, for this follow-up, I wanted our readers to see the off-duty Alishay Adnan. How, you may ask? Well, by getting the lover of well-curated pictures to comment on her own Instagram, of course.

This is what the young fashion authority had to say about her own candid snaps.


  1. Shine Bright, Like a Sapphire

“This post was from a project I did in collaboration with and Sapphire. The idea was to show how styling with the right elements can elevate any outfit. Even a basic kurta like the one I am wearing here.”


  1. Some Unplanned Drama

Throwback to this fun shot captured by my fave #photographer @sufuak 📷

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“This is when you can say you’re are lucky to have friends who are into photography! I asked my friend, ‘Hey Sufyan! Want to try capturing a dramatic shot of my hair flip?’

Obviously, it turned out to be cooler when he edited it. But there was no prior planning involved.”


  1. Sartorial Throwback

📸 #officelife #workbaes #darazfashion

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“This was a normal day at work – shoots all day, every day! I miss the studio life as it was all about working with people who were creative and experimental. And, we achieved great things together!”


  1. Alishay Adnan; One of Pakistan’s Most Stylish Women

“Happiest day of my life! I clearly remember this day. When I was on my phone and came across this article on Elle Magazine, India.

I had no idea who these girls were and therefore got the BEST surprise ever. Being categorized as one of the best dressed women in Pakistan. And that too, along with your favorite style stars. It is one of the best feelings, I tell you! This post will always put a huge smile on my face!”


  1. Monday Mood


A post shared by Alishay Adnan (@alishay.adnan) on

“I saw this photo on the internet. I reposted it because I generally like neon writing. The colours complemented my profile and the text was quite relatable on that Monday morning!”

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