Okay, so long story short, this video essay is a response to a rather shocking article. Shocking, because when Pakistan finally got a universally applauded film courtesy Cake, I wasn’t expecting a film journalist to throw a spanner in the works. And, that too for some ludicrous reasons.

If you’re reading this before actually watching the vide essay, I’m going to need you to stop. Stop right now, scroll up, and watch the video first. Me and Faraz worked really hard on it. And then, once you have watched it, come back and finish reading this.

To give you some context, shortly before Cake got its Pakistani release, Galaxy Lollywood published an article titled ‘do Pakistani cinemas need films like cake?’

Why did they feel the need to publish this article? Oh, that’s simple, because in Pakistan, we don’t deserve to be happy. Aside from the political sphere imploding ever chance it gets, we can’t even get a decent movie without someone complaining about its very existence. And also, apparently, because the author of said article was concerned that Cake wouldn’t make money at the box office. And, because it wouldn’t make money at the box office, hence a film like Cake shouldn’t exist. Or rather, Pakistani filmmakers shouldn’t be making films like Cake.


WHAT? But Cake is a Masterpiece!

I know, if ever there was a time to let your vocabulary fly, this would be it. But fret not, for I have meticulously compiled all the bile that I could muster, in a rather scathing video.

To accompany the sentiments expressed, I will just say one thing; Cake may just be a commercial success after all. The film opened to Rs. 30 Lakh on its first day, and Rs. 65 Lakh over the weekend. This, if you want a comparison, is a similar opening to that horrible but successful film, Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. In its first week, the film made Rs. 4 Crores. Now, without the production budget, which we don’t know, these figures don’t tell us much. In fact, the filmmaker has admitted that the film hasn’t made the invested amount back yet. But, this is also just the first week’s figure, and it is yet to be released in North America yet.

So, and let us cross everything as I type this, this film maybe the shinning exception. While many films have to be one or the other, Cake may just be a critical and commercial success.

Slight Update

The author of the pre-mentioned article replied to us on Facebook. Now, we clearly disagree with each other. But, the gentleman in question was a really good sport, which I really appreciate. So, out of respect for respectfully disagreeing with each other, I want to share his responses. We can dislike each other’s opinion without actually hating each other, Pakistan. It’s called maturity.

The comment by the author

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