The Shape of Water


Our indefatigable complacency toward everything is a serious pathological condition. The immunity and resistance to psychosis deems it necessary to root out physical evidence to hypothesize the condition of the sufferer. Your temperamental exhibitions of deep-rooted psychological disorders are correlated with an empty stomach, lack of ingestion of nutritious food, histrionics and climatic anomalies. Unless you are really bleeding dry there is no reason to worry. This holds true for the way our minds work. I could be lynched for generalizing so I would go ahead and add how most of us function.

Water is Life

In a recent sitting with a friend with an incorrigible fervor for feasting on intellectuality, I was shocked to note what was taking up most of his time. While we were discussing Russell’s Roads to Freedom we came down to the topic of basic needs and the timeless warring between needs and wants. Humans in general require water, food, shelter and clothing to cater to their quintessential physical needs. We were rivaling the various economic systems and figuring out which would cater better to every human being’s basic needs to the least when he hacked in another argument that would last for hours. The other day he goes on to tell me he woke up to find that there was no running water. His family had to rely on their reserves to attend to their sanitary needs for the morning. The society office was called and he was told that water would be back in an hour or so. Everyone went to their businesses and minded themselves. After returning from work he found out that the house was still out of water and they would have to manage for the night. So they did.

The next day the situation was similar. And so was the next day and the next until a plumber was called in to check the problem. It turned out the house needed a new water-bore system to pump out water from the ground. The system is relatively simple to get installed but requires many man-hours to labor out mounds of soil and penetrate a 150 feet long pipe inside the ground. The ground aquifer had dried out and another area was to be marked. This time however the bore went down a good 350 feet under the ground. So now, a small family residing in a 3000 square feet house had dug out two holes to get water out from the ground! It seemed like something out of a George Orwell book.

Capitalism vs Politics

In a very recent news a general uproar within the local architecture community was recorded. A visitor to the Katas Raj Temples in Kallar Kahar wrote down an impassioned account of his day trip to the famed architectural marvel on Facebook and attached a visual proof of his claims. The water in the main pond had dried out. The commoners, myself included, were in instant rage and ranted about the government’s inability to protect this heritage site. The now defunct wonder had lost its credibility as an attraction for myself. I mourned. The chaos on social media subsided. People went on over the Panama case hearings and once again Pakistani politics was the number one selling news.

I went on and visited the place to check it off my bucket list once and for all. Whilst detouring for Kallar Kahar from the M2 I observed the road that supposedly led up to the Katas Raj Temples. My peripherals were able to capture an enormous industry engaged in materializing cement. The scale was overwhelmingly large and it answered the question if these masses of mass production were providing cement for the Punjab region. I wondered if it were linked with the water shortage in the Katas Raj. On my arrival I was surprised to see the pond entrenching water within its confines. I took it up with our guide who told me the water was being pumped out of the ground with the motors running 24/7 to fill the pond. The process had already taken months and the pond was half full. As soon as the water dries out from one bore, another one is dug up and the process continues. He claimed the ground water table had depleted because of the excessive use of it in the cement industry. I was horrified.

Pakistan faces a serious threat of water shortage. I do not know how to fashion my sentence in a better way. I will make another attempt. You are doomed! Run for you lives! Where are you going to run to my lovelies? We haven’t had the prospect of colonizing in Mars. If Musk makes it viable he will make sure none of us infiltrate the community and pollute it. Where are we going to run to indeed? To our graves. To extinction. A dystopia awaits us. We are out of warnings.

Water Conservation Efforts

There are a number of things that can be done. On a federal and national level there are talks about getting through with the Kala Bagh dam project and relying on solar energy, replenishing the forestry department with funds for reforestation, the billion trees project which is still a disputed claim. On an individual level there are many things that should be done. As responsible citizens of not only this country but of the world we must vow to minimize the use of water instantly:

  1. That tap that you have running while you’re brushing your teeth dumps down 5-6 liters of water to the ground.
  2. When you flush out your excrements the average WC takes 6-8 liters of water. That’s an astonishing amount. Get a hold on yourself and half press the button, that way the system takes less water to flush down whatever you had been busy with.
  3. Stick to getting better WCs for your homes. They might be costly but they very much reduce the amount of water used. This also goes for your faucets. Get better ones that have better water pressure systems and use lesser amounts.
  4. Try and get solar panels installed for your power needs. Yet again, the move might be costly but helps reduce pressure on the hydroelectric channel that we are dependent on.
  5. That glass of water that you don’t feel like drinking anymore, walk a couple of steps and throw it out in your front lawn or backyard to give it back to the ground aquifer instead of running it down your toilet or wash basin.
  6. The construction and maintenance of your house is an extremely vital point of action. Get your house designed by environmentally conscious architects who work to build greener buildings. That cost that you bear initially will benefit your health in the future. Invest on that.
  7. It is high time now to make it a pet project for yourself to plant a tree and care for it every month. Find a site, do not hesitate to just plant it there. If somebody comes up to you and asks you what you are up to, tell them you are investing in this planet’s future.

Think about the future and for crying out loud get rid of your complacency. It would do you no good. There’s no political agenda, there’s no social agenda, no affiliation to any political party or social construct. Get on with saving the human race and not your race that is defined by the colour of your skin. We are all on this together, let’s heal it together. Beware and Be aware.

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