It was a time marked by a dearth of local music. By early 2017 Pakistani music had little to look forward to apart from the annual Coke Studio roster. And then the internet met Abid Brohi, and we all lost our collective minds. Where had this Sindhi rap prodigy come from? More importantly perhaps, why was he such an instant hit?

Undeniably unique, entirely local

Abid Brohi became an internet darling when his song ‘The Sibbi Song’ was released by Patari as part of their Tabeer project. In the video, I talk about the top five reasons behind his success. But there was another aspect that I forgot to mention. So I just wanted to go over it here really quickly. One of the things that made him instantly loveable of course was the local flavour pounding through the song and music video. Abid Brohi is completely unaffected by the jaded monotony of show business. Having spent most of his young life away from the commotion of a metropolis, he was able to retain a naivety that many lose by the time they make it in front of the camera. Because of this, he reminds us about Pakistani minutia in the most endearing way.

Surprisingly, or perhaps deliberately, the video for the song was also able to capture this quality. In an interview, the team behind it said that the song was a result of a journey where the group Somewhat Super made a trip to Balochistan to meet with Abid. They presented this brilliantly by having the video consist almost entirely of vibrant montages. It is reminiscent of a road trip making it instantly recognizable and hence easy to love.


Abid Brohi’s Patari; bringing the music back

This song will always be a turning point of Patari. I realise that they still market themselves as a music streaming service but this was the moment when they became so much more. Of course they had dabbled in other aspects of the industry before this (their Aslis concerts for example). But after the numbers that accompanied this song, it became clear that they could venture into production as well.

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