This list was extremely difficult to compile, because everybody has their own favourites when it come to PTV classics . If you are one of those PTV production lovers then this video would definitely come as a form of reminiscing. PTV dramas; the cult classics may be old but they can never be forgotten . How can they be forgotten…? These productions date back to a time when there was no other channel except PTV. (Well there was STN when a few of them aired; but PTV was the boss!)


PTV Classics, Facts behind Fiction

Here are a few interesting facts about these classics that you may have not known.
For the ever loved drama serial Alpha Bravo Charlie, the director Shoaib Mansoor made sure that the three men he casted for the lead role were either associated with the military or had some military background.

Comedy series Fifty-Fifty was another feather in Shoaib Mansoor’s hat was based loosely on the American comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’. The drama also won a special award for direction and performance in the 2005 first Indus Drama Awards.
Written by the notorious Haseena Moin, Tanhaiyan captivated its audience till the very last second. 27 years later a sequel was produced called “Olper’s Tanhaiyan: Naye Silsilay”. Marina khan who is still better known as Sanya directed this sequel and not surprisingly considered it a huge challenge. Although not a let down, it’s really difficult to size up to a cult classic.


Top 2 Positions

The only thing I’ll mention in honour of the Drama ‘Waris’ is a quip by The Tribune, writer Hani Taha who narrated, “My mother tells me they had to reprint her cousin’s wedding cards to include the message that television screens would be put up at the marriage hall. The last episode of the epic drama, Waris, was to be aired that night and who, in their right minds, would want to miss it?”

And finally the drama that ranked number one on our list the infamous comedic series ‘Sach Gupp’. An immensely funny and intelligent program, it ran for two years before it was replaced by ‘Taal Matol’ which used the exact same format as its predecessor.
These shows have and will continue to make a comeback on the small screen considering the sweet sweet nostalgia associated with these and many other PTV favourites .

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