5 Mustaches That Rocked Pakistan

Abbas Jafri Mustache

It’s not everyday that you get to see a set of mustaches that changed the course of history. Yes, you would say that you have seen all kinds of mos out there, but we share with you the story behind these iconic facial hair that we found inspirational. So in the spirit of Movember, here is a list of people with the most influential mustaches in Pakistan’s modern era.

Sultan Rahi

Sultan Rahi Mustaches

Sultan Rahi’s mustache is our top pick. We remember him as a desi superhero In Maula Jatt. The trend he set in Punjabi films is still visible today as most of the heroes still sport a mustache. Many believe Maula Jatt’s powers lied in his moustachios. Maula Jatt was a Punjabi film that hit the Pakistani cinemas 40 years back. Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi changed the course of Pakistani Punjabi films forever by packing some iconic action and sporting rocking mustaches in Maula Jatt. It was perhaps the first Pakistani film that got banned by the government because of violence.

Sultan Rahi was a hero is real life too; he gave his life in action, fighting off some bandits who came to rob him.

Abbas Jafri

Abbas Jafri Mustache

Did you know that Abbas Jafri used to be a cricketer prior to the sufi inspired look he sports now? Back in the days when Jafri started modeling, clean shaved and well-groomed was the style of every male model. When Jafri started growing his mustache and beard, he literally started a revolution in the facial hair department of the modeling industry. To date he is one of the only male models who can really pull off that unruly, long and masculine set of facial hair.

Malik Afridi

30 inch mustache

Despite getting death threats, getting kidnapped and forced separation from his family, Mr. Afridi kept rocking his iconic 30 inches long mustaches. This man’s whiskers provoked armed men along the dangerous Afghan border but he refused to shave them off. Believe it or not, the threats to mustached men was so real that the KPK government started giving stipend to those rocking a mo. Of course Mr. Afridi took full benefit of this stipend though he says he spends Rs. 20,000 on his mustaches maintenance monthly. Giving his mustaches 60 minutes of daily grooming, he says his mo is his identity and won’t give it up even if he has to move out of Pakistan. Looks like this guy’s moustachios isn’t the only big thing he got – a big heart too.

Gullu Butt

Gullu Butt Mooch

The Internet still remembers the infamous Gullu as a ‘vandal’ who went on a rampage, smashing windows of cars, hugging policemen and dancing on the road. Butt broke the internet in 2014 with an unprecedented number of shares of his vandalism footage and memes on the social media.

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan Mustache

So you’ve all heard about this guy, with iconic handlebar mustache, who is from Pakistan but settled in the USA? Well, he did leave Pakistan at the age of 16, but we like to stay associated with successful people; so he is a Pakistani American. He is the self-made billionaire who employs 24,000 people worldwide and owns a customized 300-foot superyacht which took 7 years to build! Do you think he would have been a successful businessman if he had a clean shaven face instead? Let us know in your comments!

Honorary Mentions:

Pringles Mustache

One of the most iconic mustaches that altered the course of world is literally an icon: the guy from Pringles chip cans.

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