5 Random things: Panama Verdict

Nawaz Sharif, Panama Verdict
Edited version of images found in Wikkipedia Commons

It could have been a week like any other. But then, the “Panama verdict” surfaced, and ensured that nothing would ever be the same again. The most annoyingly well-read amongst us will argue that Nawaz Sharif being ousted is nothing new. In fact, in the country’s short history this has happened not once but twice before.

Yes. But there is a crucial difference between this recent episode and its counterparts. Can you guess the difference? The military quotient of yesteryear versus the judicial verdict of today you say?

An important distinction, but not the answer I was looking for.

The global phenomenon that is the Panama scandal, perhaps?

No, not that either.

The main difference, of course, is social media.

Yes, that’s right. We didn’t exist as we do today. And to prove the severity of this difference let me give you a snapshot of the virtual world as the events unfolded. This is the Panama verdict, as seen by the ever-vigilant internet.


1. This video: Junaid Akram’s take on the Panama verdict

Could it really be a local headline without Mr. Akram’s two cents? I think not. 

2. These tweets

Nobody can deny that a number of the nation’s journalists, commentators and columnists are a tad bit perplexed. A lot of people want to dance around the Panama verdict. But make no mistake, these are confusing times and I don’t blame anyone who isn’t in the mood to celebrate.

Still, nothing beats the satisfaction of a well-crafted tweet. Some of the country’s most active commentators are proof.

3. This twitter account

Speaking of tweets. Every national tragedy is an opportunity for some smart mouthed online celebrity. This one was Moochar’s day in the sun. I will be looking forward to his twitter feed every time our political climate takes a turn for the bizarre.


4. This article

When it comes to political satire though, we have to let the master show us how it’s done. Enter Mr. Paracha at his most savage. If you read one thing (well, one more thing) today let this be it. A takedown of anything that is part of the status quo. We. Are. Not. Worthy.

5. The fact that this exists

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Not an entire day has passed since the verdict and we already have merchandise. Given the complexity of the situation, I’m not sure if I agree with the sentiments expressed here. Irrespective of that, can someone order me a box of these so that I can pass them onto my grandchildren someday? This historic occurrence too needs to be recorded.

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