5 Random Things: When Pakistan Just Had Fun


This week has been an odd roller coaster, with a truly terrifying climax in the middle. When it looked like the censor board was actually going to have its way, all of Pakistan held its breath. And I was searing with annoyed, shocked rage (read all about it here).

Given all of this, I felt that Pakistan needed a bit of cheering up. And I thought that I’d end the week with a collection of good times. As always, my list is a hodgepodge of things that have little in common. We have doctors engaging in folk music, Pakistani rappers taking the streets and Game of Thrones. The one thing that all of these things do have in common is that they make me happy. And trust me, they will make you happy too.


1. Keeping Traditions Alive: Dr. Anwar Balauch Plays a Matka  

This is Dr. Anwar Balauch. He happens to be a successful orthopedic surgeon and consultant. He also happens to be the son of a renowned Pakistani folk musician. This video was sent to me by my uncle, and shows Dr. Balauch demonstrating some truly remarkable musical talent.

2017-10-26-VIDEO-00000014 from The Kollective on Vimeo.

Why can’t all doctors do this? And if they can, why don’t more of them do it at their clinics?


2. Winter Is Coming…To Karachi! Westeros Café  

At the risk of putting anyone on edge, I think it’s fair to say that the recent Game of Thrones season divided fans. Some thought that it was a bit fan-fiction happy.

This didn’t really bother me. As you know, I have very little integrity and live for the drama, so most of the season was serving my kind of mess. Particularly the finale. And I won’t spoil it for anyone. But, when the thing happens, and it things all the way to the wall, and then it things, I actually fell to the floor.

Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I discovered that Karachi now has a GOT themed café. ‘More’, I say, ‘more, more!’


3. The Streets and the Sound of Music: Irfan Junejo and Liyari Underground

So whatever happened to the contagious Liyari Underground after their Patari Tabeer debut? Currently, they are busy working on some new music. And blogger and v-logger Irfan Junejo visited them for a v-log, and the result is glorious.

Combining a rare look at Liyari and a spontaneous music video (kind of) this is exactly what Pakistan needed this week.


4. Artists for Artists: Abid Brohi and Xpolymer Dar

Remember when Pakistan held its breath because the censor board doesn’t want us to be happy? Well, they almost cut Power Di Game from the film. Now, calm down. They almost did.

At any rate, when the internet heard about this, it lost its nerve. Rage flooded the Twitter-verse. But there was also support. This video was sent in by Abid Brohi, rapping Xpolymer Dar’s verse.

Oh, please let this collaboration happen. Patari, please get these two together and let Pakistan rejoice. It will be musical magic.


5. Unfiltered Commentary: Rizwan Beyg on Twitter

How I enjoy the savagery of someone who has no patience for the idiotic. Every week I look for a local mind who can engage in a verbal diatribe of epic proportions.

I have always loved the  legendary Mr. Beyg. For this post let me give you a taster of his tweets.


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