About: Pakistan Like Never Before

The Kollective is a tiny, tiny team of creative people who are passionate about Pakistan.

Let’s be honest, Pakistan gets a bad rap. Arguably, this isn’t surprising given what most local headlines read like. But anyone who has either lived in the country or watched some of its films will tell you that where there are problems, there is also possibility! The country’s pop-culture scene has taken off in a way that no-one expected. Its start-up game is pretty strong. Its culinary world is leapfrogging as we speak. What does all of this mean? Well, simply that the Pakistan you see on your standard news update isn’t the whole truth. This is also where we come in.

We bring you commentary about all that is happening in the country, video essays about Pakistan’s rich and turbulent culture,  a rundown of which talents you need to follow and news about exciting indie ventures.

Mahira Khan’s newest film and what it means for female representation in Pakistani cinema? We’ve got you covered! A rundown of how Pakistani social media responded to the Panama verdict? Yep, we’re there. Who is Abid Brohi and why are people still tweeting about him? Don’t worry, w’ll explain, (in fact watch our video about him while you’re here).

Pakistan is changing. Are you watching? Because we are!