Armeena Khan’s Fiancé And The Color Of His Skin: A National Emergency


.Our white overlords had conditioned an overwhelming number of their servants in many different ways. Being ‘anglicized’ was the term coined for anybody who wore cotton pants instead of dhoti or shalwar. This resonated with the Hindus too well who found it better to be called anglicized than ‘black-dogs’.

The Muslims remained steadfast in opposing any outcome that would result in them being associated with their masters as part of their barbaric cadre. The British ruthlessly divided the subcontinent and made two wings: the brown Muslim wing and the brown Hindu wing. Some would claim the matter was settled rather brilliantly but forgot to decipher the post-partition stress disorder that these two wings suffered from. Years of subservience had left the browns of both nations in an existential crisis. Without a speck of white in their gatherings and their daily commune they were unable to serve anyone. A complicated situation developed that loomed into the manifestation of an inferiority complex that consumed the ones with the brown skin.

Fast-forwarding into the 21st century, the modern most era, the disorder subsists. Armeena Khan, a fair-skinned TV actress, who had won the hearts of many in her feature film Bin Royesuffered the brunt of this psychosis. As a celebrity it is hard to maintain a simple life. To lead an unsolicited life, celebrities become reclusive about their personal contracts and decide not to come out with every little detail. The fans who are all in all responsible to elevate them to a celebrity status find this analogy repulsive and condescending. The bickering and the bashing begins here.

For female celebrities, the situation is even more exhausting. From choosing the right dress to being appropriate and ‘naik’, they are out on a limb to thrive in the patriarchal community that they are fostered in. Armeena is no different. Hailing from Canada, the freer world per se, Armeena landed quite a few roles in Pakistani drama serials which led her to signing many two feature films. Lollywood instantly fell in love with her and so did the general public. Here’s a critical analysis of why the public chose to thrash Armeena’s fiancé on the social media and that too on the colour of his skin

1. Fair and Lovely

Armeena Khan is both fair and lovely. But I am not talking about her attributes here. Fair and Lovely is a cosmetics company that deals in many products for women and has now expanded its model in the men’s department. I don’t have any personal vendetta against it but their advertisements are anything but conciliatory. In a recent ad, an actress decides to use the cream and bleaches her skin. Stardom and red carpet walks follow. The sort of irresponsible marketing that these fairness cream companies are engrossed in drives the social conditioning machine. Women respond well to ‘better’ themselves for their grooms or to secure better job

2. Michael Jackson

This looks an odd perspective. What does the King of Pop have anything to do with Armeena and her fiancé? The day MJ decided to go all white on us was the day many questioned their physicality. Some would argue that MJ decided to pull off something like that to achieve higher-ground. And perhaps that that was the only way to do that. MJ was struck with genetic vitiligo that left his skin in patches of black and white. To rectify the situation he decided to bleach his skin. To clarify his standing he wrote the song ‘Black or White‘ and that it don’t matter what you are.

3. Uncle Majboor

This is perhaps one of the most important factors that have caused this problem. Rabia and her bleach white skin had Uncle Majboor going all raunchy. Uncle Majboor represents a good percentage of the Pakistani public. And though he did sound like a sex-crazed delinquent he was anything but. He had mastered himself in the art of wooing women by grazing on their thighs.

4. Armeena Khan

Foremostly, Armeena is responsible for all this mayhem. Had she not posted her fiancé’s photograph on the social media, internet trolls wouldn’t have had their daily fodder. Armeena had already disgraced herself by not coming out clear about her relationship with her British Beau. The trolls were very disappointed. Armeena then decided to announce her engagement and the trolls went how inappropriate her dress was at the ceremony. She then decided to introduce her to-be-husband to the world to quench their thirst for more information. Finding nothing out of a perfectly decent photograph it was time to drag the fiancé to the guillotine and so did the decapitation of qualities begin.

Armeena Khan and her fiancé. The way he looks, the way Uncle Majboor talks and the way MJ spins on his toes have no importance in anybody’s life. Whatever might be the reason behind the fairness complex, it is malicious when expressed in such irresponsible manner. I also find Armeena’s responses downright insolent and nowhere near intelligent. It is high-time that our celebrities must also realize the psychology of the many and not the few if they need to maintain solid footing within the general public. The British did sow the seed of this consistent problem but little courage and sense has prevailed to cut down the stalk.

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