Behind The Filmmaking Scenes with Hamza Bangash

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Few people understand filmmaking as Hamza Bangash does. It has been a long, long time since I first interviewed the man behind Rang Raaz. Many moons later, his baby is all grown up and making waves the world over.

After making its mark on the blogosphere, Rang Raaz has made its way to television. Having been picked up by Zee TV for their Zee Cine-Shorts program, it is all set to reach new heights.

In light of this, I thought it would be a great time to talk to the young director about everything that has happened so far. And what better way to let him weigh in on his experiences than via his Instagram posts? From filmmaking to crowdfunding and locations, this is everything that went on behind the scenes.


  1. #RastaDein

“This was at 2 AM on Tariq road as we got our exterior shots for this year’s #RastaDein TVC shoot. I’m looking stressed because it was a sixteen-hour shoot.

And I had to wrangle the ambulance workers, the police, the talent and close down a street! It was nuts, I still can’t believe we pulled it off.”


  1. Kick Starter Perks

“Everyone always asks me how easy is it to do a Kick Starter campaign. And I tell them that almost a year and a half later I’m still sending out Kick Starter rewards! I love our wonderful backers who helped us make Rang Raaz.

And this was the last set of backer perks that we had shipped out. They went all the way to Toronto, California, and Lahore!”


  1. Coming Soon

“I can’t really speak about this one as yet, but it’s a feature film script that I was commissioned to write. It’s currently in production and should be out in 2019.”


  1. Location Hunting

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INT. Hotel Lobby- morning 🎬

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“This is Bristol Hotel! I was location scouting for a project, and someone recommended I check it out. It’s beautiful and old- worldly, but regrettably expensive. A reminder of Karachi’s swinging heyday.”


  1. The Perks of Filmmaking

“This is on a client documentary shoot in Saddar. We were shooting b-roll, when we heard loud Bollywood tunes coming out of one of the nearby rooms. It was a tailor’s set-up, and they invited us in to film their process.

The guys were thrilled to be on camera, and offered us chai and gupshup. Definitely one of the perks of filmmaking.”


  1. Birthday Celebrations

“My 26th birthday. It was one-week after we wrapped the Rang Raaz shoot, so I was pretty relaxed. Like every Karachiite, the beach is my favorite place in the city.”


  1. Jazz on The Streets

“Shoreditch! I was in London earlier this year to check out Master’s programs. Shoreditch was incredible, with jazz bands on the street and really friendly people. I couldn’t deal with the London weather though, and was stoked to get back to Karachi sunshine.”


  1. Charting Changes

“It’s a scene-by-scene breakdown of the feature script that I was working on. Really useful to do, when your working on a project of that scale. The stickies highlighted flashbacks/character changes.

I’m a visual person, so seeing this everyday motivated me to get to the finish line.”


  1. Coffee and Silence

“While I was in London I had to get some deliverables back to a client. And needed a calm temporary work space where I could write for a few undisturbed hours. Covent Garden Grind was just the right blend of solitude and caffeine.”

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