Celebrating unsung Pakistani heroes


Larger corporations have always looked for ways to give back to the society they work in. For a long time companies like Coke have shared heartfelt videos outlining the work they do and how they assume corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Atlas Battery’s “Sparkistan” campaign joins this list. Atlas Battery has already carried out major CSR campaigns including their Mist Fan campaign and Orphanage campaign – but Sparkistan resonates with and celebrates the unsung heroes of the country – and has already been making waves on social media.

Their first video which can be seen here, has a catchy song with the lyrics “Tum ho Sparkistan, tum se hai Pakistan” while the video shows different people and their achievements.


We spoke to Saqib Khan, the brand manager for Atlas Battery and he says: “Sparkistan is basically a merging of two words – ‘Spark’ and ‘istan’. Spark, because it has multiple connotations. It denotes the spark that our heroes have ignited in the lives of people they have helped, while also creating the association with battery, because a battery basically provides the spark that brings your car engine to life.”

Some people have misconceptions regarding the campaign name, because they think the word Pakistan has been modified – but the song in the video clearly treats the two as differently, maintaining the sanctity of the word Pakistan.

The team has been working on this campaign for almost a year now. They started planning it in February 2016. Initially, they had a list of 50 candidates, who were then filtered out based on age, geographical location, category of contribution, gender, and level of ‘popularity’. The lesser the popularity, the better, because they wanted to truly celebrate the unsung heroes.

 “We wanted the final 12 to be as diverse as possible so that not only every region of Pakistan was represented but also people belonging to different walks of life had a chance,” Saqib added

It’s interesting to see Pakistani companies following the direction of multinational companies with CSR campaigns that instantly tug at your heartstrings. But more than that, the Sparkistan campaign comes at the perfect time as it helps one feel pride in their country and the people who are achieving great things.

Saqib adds that they have some exciting things planned for the next few months regarding this campaign, and we can’t wait to see it all!

Atlas Battery’s campaign videos can be viewed on their official Facebook page

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