Where Coke Studio failed, Nescafe Basement triumphed


Despite being fans of some of their work, we’ve made no secret about the fact that we’re on the fence when it comes to Coke Studio Season 10. Sure, the season has some big names that we’re hoping will work their magic but the politics through which some artists have made it on to the show continues to bother us.

Despite that, we were excited when Coke Studio was set to launch their rendition of Pakistan’s National Anthem. Previous renditions of Sohni Dharti and Aey Rah E Haq Kay Shaheedon represented everything that was good about about classic Studio productions. They were was goosebumps inducing, both were set up beautifully, the music was wonderful and we didn’t want either to end.

However, this year, Coke Studio took on the big task of having all their artists sing the National Anthem. For most Pakistanis, the National Anthem has a special place and there is absolutely no room for screw ups. However, that is exactly what happened. The song fell flat, the music overpowered the lyrics and it failed to instil any emotions in me.

And you can’t even put it down to one person’s preference. People were really not happy with the studio’s rendition.

Which takes us back to a year ago, when Nescafe Basement produced THIS masterpiece. Keeping it simple with a sitar and tablas, this version ignites the goosebumps we all want when we listen to a rendition of the country’s national anthem. This one was also able to elicit the nostalgic jitters that the Coke Studio version wasn’t; THIS unlike its counterpart reminds us of when we would perform the anthem. 

Looks like Coke Studio has to pull of some miracles this season to make people fall in love again! (Fingers crossed.)


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