Fashion, Photography and the Perfect Pizza: A Snapshot of Fahhad Rajper’s Journey

From Fahhad Rajper's Facebook Page

From the glittering sets of Pakistan’s fashion scenes to the Pizza scented kitchen of his new dhabba, Fahhad Rajper has had a pretty eventful year. in fact, he’s had a busy couple of years. It wasn’t too long ago that his ‘Try Beating Me Lightly’ campaign gave the nation’s women an adequate slogan for their strife.

With his new Game of Thrones themed dhabba ‘Westeros’, he might just give local fans the same kind of catalyst; a space to congregate and raise their voices in unison. As the year comes to a close, I felt that the talented photographer and newly minted entrepreneur could give us an apt account of his own journey. From photo-shoots to pizza tastings, these are some highlights from his Instagram feed, and what he had to say about them.


  1. The Perfect Pizza

“Eleven months of hard work, lots of cheese, discussions and trials. A seven-day trip to Italy and lots of inspiration.

Now all set to serve people with amazing pizza, I can confidently say it’s as good as any high end cafe but with a lower price.”


  1. BTS and Zoe Viccaji

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@zoeviccajime | @hobobyhub | BTS•

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“One of those days when you get to hangout and assist with Humayun at 18% Grey.

I love working with him, there’s so much to learn every time I assist him.”


  1. Throw Back

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Because cats can't act•

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“Internship times at 18% Grey and experimenting with Photoshop. If you take out 18% Grey from my life, I don’t think I’d ever be able to do what I’m doing today in my life.”


  1. All Must Dine

“The Photographer in me trying level best to fight the brick oven’s heat to get a perfect shot.”


  1. Soul Searching

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@komalrizviz killin' it at #PepsiUnplugged!

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“iPhone photography and Pepsi Unplugged. Went to enjoy Komal and Josh. Their energy is super positive they’re super fun.”


  1. Try Beating Me Lightly

“#TryBeatingMeLightly. The biggest mark in my photographic career and Priyanka who pushed me hard enough to make it happen. When, for real, I was afraid of what consequences we might have to go through. Proud of these women and myself too (won’t lie).”


  1. The Latest Showman

“Rinda’ana video shoot was the first ever fashion video I did for Deepak and Fahad.

Absolutely nervous, shot with single camera, and they loved the video. My video opened their very successful show last year. The response was really nice. Alhumdullilah.”

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