Light Object Space – Art Inspired by Everything


We covered S. M. Raza’s work earlier, which included the mural of Abdul Sattar Edhi in Karachi. It’s time to bring S. M. Raza in limelight again for his recent art exhibition called “Light Object Space”, a feat that wouldn’t have been achieved without the canvases bursting colors by Nayab Noor.

According to the curatorial note, the art exhibition is inspired by everything, by the places the artists “have lived in (both physically and spiritually) and in which they have been happy and sad.” Both the artists, Raza and Nayab, truly depict their inspiration through their canvases. The works of both these artists complement each other and bring out a synergy that is unifying and yet breaking for the audience at the same time.

The canvases by S. M. Raza are bound to provoke that deserted feel. Check out some of his canvases below and decide for yourself.

This eerie depiction of a house among all those trees is rather unsettling. Also, we were unsure if this was set in a sunrise or sunset. Let us know what you think?

The red garbage cans are self-explanatory, specially for someone living in Karachi.

This staircase leads nowhere and the shadow of ladders is striking!

The rustic car and the background shows how we use and dump objects.

Nayab Noor has her own way of expressing the spaces and objects that inspired her. She makes use of light intelligently, bringing all the objects like tap, chair, mops to life. Noor’s art is meaningful and straight – she leaves little to the imagination of the viewers. Her bold art highlights the struggles of a female who spends most of her time with household items in our society. Nayab’s art is similar to Van Gogh and Edward Munch yet not so similar to the European art; lets check some of her work below.

These mops and buckets are waiting to be used to cleanup.

Someone was here in this room but now they aren’t.

Sunlight giving warmth to a lonely soul that is not present in this illustration.

This dirty sink says so much about our society today.

These are some words from the curator’s note that we felt you need to read: “Each canvas in this exhibition stands alone as a comment on light, object and place. When I enter the space of these paintings I feel things shifting and a new kind of beauty being created. “

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