Marium Arif-Fahad on Makeup, Fashion and Fun

From Marium's Instagram feed

Some time ago, we did a blog post about some incredible Halloween makeup looks by Pakistani artists. And while they were all lovely, we were unable to include a vibrant Pakistani makeup maestro on our list.

Marium Arif-Fahad loves makeup. As a fashion marketing professional, she also has access to the creative process that goes behind the glittering collections. Because of this, I felt that she would be a great gateway to Pakistan’s fashion and makeup scene. To give you guys a snapshot into her everyday, I asked the lovely Marium to describe some photos from her own Instagram account.


  1. Some Halloween Fun


“Every night to unwind, I spend a lot of time looking at YouTube tutorials and scrolling through Pinterest. Around 11 pm on a Friday night, I stumbled on to a picture of this deer makeup look on Pinterest. And I thought, ‘you know what, I need to do this…Right now!’

Once I was done with the deer look and had taken enough pictures for a tutorial, I was ready to experiment with edgier looks. And hence the second one inspired by one of my favorite movies ever; Edward Scissor Hands.

By 5:30 am, I was three looks down, and my skin had had enough.”


  1. A Broken Doll and Sugar Skull


“My very first Costume makeup collaboration was with Abeer, one of the first few friends I had made via my blog page in 2014. We both dabbled with the look like the amateurs we were back then.

The following year, my baby sister wanted the same look for her college party. I gave her that. But since I had already done that look, I wanted to experiment with more. Hence we ended up with the Sugar Skull makeup, done entirely with face paints and liquid lipsticks.”


  1. Tiger Makeup Look


“This was my first Halloween video tutorial. This look was inspired by YouTube guru ‘Hey It’s Emily’ who does such a beautiful job in her video. Recording this tutorial took me an entire day but it was so much fun. I love looks that can be achieved with a few products. That gives people the flexibility to add their own flair to them, and the tiger look was exactly that.”


  1. Behind the Fashionable Scenes


“I am a fashion marketer who loves both fashion and marketing in their own capacities. Which is why being a part of the creative thought process that designers and their marketing agencies go through before launching a collection is absolutely thrilling.

From thinking about a concept which might be vague at the time, translating it into fashion, creating a visual story for its presentation. And gelling them in with details that has the potential to be a retail superstar. Not just for people who are a size zero but for the average, big bodied individual as well.”


  1. All That Glitters


“Diamonds and all that sparkles are a girl’s best friend. No matter what our corporate/college ensemble mantra may be. For every female, a desi wedding turns them into a starry eyed girl who wants to wear the most glittery dress of all on her big day.

Pakistani designers understand their marketing and have helped the Pakistani fashion clout advance by leaps and bounds internationally as well. But there is still a whole lot of need for originality.”


  1. Denim Dreams


“White shirts, classic denim and sex sells. What’s exciting though is high street brands jumping the bandwagon as well. And investing in well thought out campaigns that add immensely to their recall value by tearing through the clutter of digital print floral lawn and flying dupattas.”

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