Sounds Like An Infection: Psychedelic Rock in Pakistan

'We're trying push ourselves as musicians and do things in a manner that hasn't been tried or done before'

Album Art, courtesy Sounds Like and Infection

The music scene in Pakistan is burgeoning with artists exploring different genres, from rock and pop to trance and indie. In this vast musical community, Sounds Like An Infection stands out as purveyor of Psychedelic Rock.

Art, music and inspiration 

Attempting to create art through their music, band member Sheharyar Malik says the band brings together “three different individuals connected on a single vision.” The band, which consist of Ali Ashraf, Zaviaar Shah and Sheharyar himself, tries to use their music to express themselves as artists and writers of sound.

“I think what we’re trying to do with the Sounds Like an Infection project, is to just explore the musical world, push ourselves as musicians and do things in a manner that haven’t been tried or done before,” says Sheharyar.

Sounds Like An Infection has already released an album and some music videos. Along with working on sound scores for movies, the band is currently working on their second album.

When speaking about their musical influences, Sheharyar says they are open to many things, “we tend to keep an open mind when it comes to music because what you listen to, and are inspired by, inevitably comes up in your playing.” From traditional eastern music to western blues and jazz and even electronic music and sound poetry, the band is influenced by a number of genres and factors.

Telling stories and making statements 

With psychedelic rock being a new genre for Pakistanis, Sheharyar says that they try to make sure that their music speaks to a wide audience. Giving different examples of their songs, Sheharyar says that every track has another story to tell, also pointing out that, “to the listener it may mean something completely different.”

While they would like to keep the details about concepts under wraps, Sheharyar mentions that they do take inspiration from pressing contemporary topics.



Future projects 

When talking about the next for the Karachi based band, Sheharyar tells us they’ve just finished up a sound-score for an international film with their long time collaborator Anna Fantuzzi. The band has also released a snippet of a song from their upcoming album

With the release of their second album close, Sheharyar says they’re ‘thrilled’ with the response they’ve been receiving. All I can say is that we’re thrilled too!

The band’s music can be accessed on their Facebook page

Watch the trailer for their song Somethings Never Change below:


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