Talent Focus: Suhaee Abro The Dancing Queen

Screen-grab, Mor Mahal

Last time, I wrote about the beautiful Mr. Gohar Rasheed and why he deserves some love. This time, I thought I’d talk about another stunning talent that deserves some light. Pakistan has a dancing tradition. Classical dance is a beautiful part of our heritage, and a striking form of self expression. And a young talent who personifies its appeal is Suhaee Abro.

A trained classical dancer, Suhaee is also a gifted actress. She has been a part of stage, television and film productions. Recently, she also found herself at the epicentre of Sarmad Masud’s scintillating film My Pure Land. All of us here at The Kollective fell for her charms a long time ago, but I feel some other people need converting. So, here are three Suhaee Abro performances that will make you fall in love with her.


Dancing to a Sufi Tune

Far too often is dance relegated to bawdy romances. And very rarely do we see it used for expressions that have little to do with eroticism. This music video for The Sketches was a rare occasion when dance was more than just entertainment.

I can’t imagine anyone else fulfilling this role. This was the first time I saw Ms. Abro in all her dancing glory. As far as I’m concerned, it is also a performance that hasn’t been matched. Her uninhibited solo number in the middle of the desert give this music video life.

Between her talent, Saif Samejo’s captivating voice, the age-old poetry and Abbas Jaffri’s magnetism, this one is a winner. Definitely one of my favourite music videos and definitely the best Sketches music video to date.



Suhaee Abro; the Dessert Rose

I have said that this music video was the best thing to come out of 2016. I will say it again; ‘The Dessert Journey‘ was the best music video of 2016. It was an incredibly experimental project. The story, the camerawork, how the song tied into it.

This is what Pakistani music videos have the potential to become, and can never be. Because very rarely is a team of people brave enough to attempt something this avant-garde and talented enough to pull it off.

Suhaee’s is the fragile performance that holds this story together. She is frustrated, vulnerable and compelling all at once. In these seven minutes, she demonstrates more acting prowess than some have mustered up over their entire careers.

Indie Gold

Sarmad Masud’s film My Pure Land has been winning accolades and hearts the world over. We have written about it before, and when it finally comes to Pakistan we will mention it again.

But for this post I wanted to take a minute to appreciate its stunning leading lady.

The true story that has inspired the film is equal parts exciting and moving. The woman at the centre of it all is no different. Its trailer shows how Suhaee has filled these shoes effortlessly. Part little girl lost, part avenging angel, she is truly a national treasure.

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