I was nine-years-old when I first discovered Fawad Khan. As the lead singer of the popular alt-rock band Entity Paradigm (EP, yes that is how they were credited) he was a twenty-something belting out moody lyrics.

And as far as I was concerned he was extraordinary. I was a fan before he took part in ‘reviving’ Pakistani cinema. Before his ascension to small-screen stardom a la Humsafar. And way before he became our most successful export.

But not everyone understands that the Fawad Khan fairy-tale was fourteen years in the making. For these pseudo-fans we have a video that details just how this humble man became a national treasure. But in honour of EP’s recent reunion I thought I’d detail my own experiences with regards to him to go along with the video.

Fawad Khan and I; the beginning

I first met him via an experimental but forgettable (to be polite) television series. It was an homage of sorts to both Maula Jutt and James Bond (oh and by the way we have a video about Sultan Rahi on our patreon page, so hint hint). The humour reminded me of nursery rhymes, this was early 2000s television after all, and the production values were surprisingly low. But, Fawad stood out like a thunderbolt. He was going to be a star. I knew it.

A road less travelled

As I progressed into my teenage years, Fawad’s musical career really took off. The band released their studio album Irtiqa and a handful of music videos showcased early signs of his piercing screen presence. But then, as would become the norm of his career, he decided to experiment. First came Khuda Kay Liye. The film cemented itself in the hearts of Pakistanis across the world. And Fawad’s eased himself into what I still think is the most complex character to come out of local cinema in recent years. Then, we saw the birth of Silk By Fawad Khan. I’ll admit this part of the puzzle didn’t fit with the most ease. But like everything else he’s done, he gave into it completely.

Fawad and the future

I have stopped looking for another who can amass this kind of attention. Come controversy and peer pressure, come industry politics and actual politic, but Fawad Khan still stands. This is his moment. We’re all invited to watch. And some of us have been watching for a long time.

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