Three Pakistani Rappers that Deserve some Love

Story courtesy Xpolymer Dar

Screen-Grab Elision, Gawky Records

Some time ago, we did a video about the Pakistani rap scene in all its glory. However, since I wanted to keep it under five hours long (as I’m sure you can imagine) we hardly had all our bases covered. And some people suggested, rightfully so, that we do more. So, we asked you guys to send in your recommendations about under appreciated Pakistani rappers.

And of course, no one replied.

Which is a bit sad. Because when we ask you guys for suggestions, we really intend to include them in our posts.

So, slight tangent over. Now, let’s talk about Pakistani rap.

Xpolymer Dar very kindly offered to help with information about the local rap scene. And since ‘Power Di Game’ has successfully converted at least a batch of the mainstream audience towards rap, it is the perfect time to go further down the rabbit hole. This is hopefully the first in a long list of posts we will write about undiscovered talent. Here are three Pakistani rappers that deserve some love.


Hashim Nawaz

Earlier this month, Gawky Records released the music video for a rap song titled ‘Recoil’. It is the debut video for Pakistani rapper Hashim Nawaz, and what a debut!

For anyone used to the fluffy, masala rap that has been parading around on glossy Bollywood sets, just be warned; this is not for the faint hearted. Originally from Rawalpindi, Hashim Nawaz is an explosive talent, both as a writer and a rapper. Like the others mentioned on this list, he has been involved in the underground scene for some time. With the release of his first video and the traffic heading towards Pakistani rap in general, I’m hoping we will see more of him.



Aqeel Sarfraz  

Lahore based Aqeel Sarfraz is also from the no holds barred school of Pakistani rap. This young talent is as uninhibited as they come. But like most people that dabble in Pakistani rap, his verses are trying to reflect if not affect society.

Take his most recent project, which happens to be a collaboration with some other underground talent (and Mr. Dar himself). Hard core yes, but with a soul nonetheless.


Young Bone

Okay, so since this post has been so very cheery (sarcasm) I thought we could end on a light note.

Comedy, believe or not, isn’t rare in the local rap scene. And Ali Gul Pir was not a one-off. Case in point Karachi based Osama Ali, known by his rap name Young Bone.

Since he is also a hilarious video blogger and dabbles in comedy, I thought I’d feature one of his more light-hearted songs.

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